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Simultaneous Closing. We Buy Seller Financed Notes Nationwide offering top dollars.

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Simultaneous Closing : Sell your property quickly and get Cash on closing


We help property owners and investors close deals nationwide through real estate simultaneous closing. We buy seller financed notes within days of the real estate transaction for cash.


Whether you are new to the Simultaneous closing business or Seller financing or even if you are a  seasoned investor, we have the information and resources to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us or fill out our online Quote Request form. You can also request our free 'Simultaneous Closing Report' in our contact form here.

Important Update : To find out how the current real estate market situation is affecting simultaneous closings, click here.

What is Simultaneous Closing?


Itís a seller-financing technique whereby the property seller offers to create a private mortgage note with the buyer and then records the note and turns around and sells it to a note investor within days of the real estate closing.

In a conventional Real Estate sale, closing day is the day when the documents are executed and/or recorded, and the real estate sale (and loan) is completed.


In a Simultaneous Closing transaction, there is a second closing in which the seller financed note is sold to a note investor.


This second closing could take place within a few days after the Real Estate transaction closing.


Seller financing can be of benefit to property sellers


Some property sellers are willing to offer seller financing to generate more interest in the property. They know that there are people out there that donít qualify for conventional mortgages, and the sellers are willing to offer their own financing and act as a bank to the buyers.


They know that offering seller financing will bring in more interested buyers and that as a result they will be able to sell properties quicker and more profitably.


Why donít all property sellers offer seller financing?


First, the seller has to be willing to receive monthly payments instead of a lump sum. If the seller is in search of monthly cash flow, this is a great long-term investment, but not everybody is looking for this.


Then, there is the risk of default. Buyers could stop making monthly payments and the seller may have to foreclose. This will cause the seller to spend time and money dealing with attorneys, eviction issues, etc. This is a bigger headache than some people want to deal with.


Some sellers donít have enough equity in the property to be able to offer this, while others are not aware that they can offer seller financing even if they donít own the property outright and are still making mortgage payments to the bank.


Simultaneous Closing goes a step further


You already learned in the above paragraph that seller financing by itself has a downside. Here is where a Simultaneous Closing can be of great benefit.


By selling the seller financed note for cash shortly after closing, there is no need to receive monthly payments over a long period of time.


And if the buyer later defaults in his payments, itís not the sellerís problem anymore. The seller got his money and is out of the picture.


The third point is a little more difficult to make because we havenít discussed what a wrap-around mortgage is (see the definition in the FAQ page), but letís just say that with simultaneous closing, the seller may be able to create a wrap-around mortgage and sell it within days of closing, even if heís still making mortgage payments.


Who benefits the most from a Simultaneous Closing?



Investors and Renovators that need to close a property sale quickly in order to move on to the next project are the ones that can benefit the most. These investors are used to dealing with buyers, attorneys, title agencies, etc. and have the time to devote to any issues that may arise. They are prime candidates for using this technique.


Homeowners can also benefit from this, but they cannot be the typical hands-off homeowner. They have to be willing to screen potential buyers, set and negotiate the sale price and terms of the mortgage, deal with the title agency, note buyer, etc. In sum, they have to be the hands-on type, and have time on their hands to do all this.


Loan Originators that are having problems getting their buyerís approved through the system due to bad credit, and who have time constraints, are also candidates.


Realtors representing sellers in need of selling quickly and are having problems generating interest in their properties can benefit also.


Any other parties representing sellers who need to sell properties quickly and are having problems finding buyers, such as attorneys, accountants, title agencies, etc., can provide a valuable service to their clients by using this technique.


How do I know if this is for me?


Ask yourself the following questions

  • Do I need to sell my property quickly or can I wait the time it would take to sell through conventional channels?

  • Am I having problems selling my property?

  • Do I want to sell it at full appraised value?

  • Is my property non-conforming? (i.e. dimensions, looks, local zoning, etc)

  • Am I willing to spend time dealing with all parties involved, buyers, attorney, title agency, etc. ?

You may want to consider offering Simultaneous Closings if you answered Yes to most of these questions.


What is the next step?


Feel free to browse this website and become familiar with its contents before deciding whether this is what you want. The Seller Financing page has an example of this type of transaction and describes the steps that we go through to close a Simultaneous Closing deal. You may find interesting articles on the subject in the Articles page.


You can also register to request our free 'Simultaneous Closing Report' here in our contact form.   This report describes in more detail the steps of a simultaneous closing transaction.

If you already know what you want and would like to obtain a quote for your Real Estate  simultaneous closing deal, you can get a quick quote by filling out our online 5 4 Quote Request Form. Weíll be happy to help.


If you feel that you still need to get more information, you may consider obtaining our e-book "Simultaneous Closings Revealed : How to sell your property fast using seller financing and other people's money".


This e-book has been written by insiders with property sellers in mind and guides you step-by-step through the process of profitably selling your note to a note buyer in a Simultaneous Closing transaction.


Simultaneous Closings Revealed:

If you are serious about doing a simultaneous closing, you may consider getting our e-book 'Simultaneous Closings Revealed'.

 Simultaneous Closings Revealed

  • Get into a simultaneous closing transaction knowing what to expect and how to deal with potential problems.

  • Learn how much money you should expect out of this transaction.

  • 4 tips on how to maximize the dollars you get.

  • The 3 things that you should do to smooth out a transaction.

  • Get familiar with the deal structures that will put more money in your pocket.

  • Find out what structures are usually more successful and how to improve your chances.

  • Learn how to use simultaneous closings even if there are underlying mortgages or liens on your property.

  • Get the insider's view on this technique. Nothing held back.

  • This information is priceless to the homeowner and investor that wants to sell a property quickly.

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